Frequently Asked Questions – Furever Friends Pet Care: North Tyneside, Newcastle Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

What does your Dog Walking service involve?

FAQ DogYour dog will collected for its Morning, Lunchtime or Afternoon walk, and will be walked in either a group or on a one to one basis for 30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on the service you have booked with us.

Your dog will taken to a Country Park, Nature Reserve, Beach or similar location and the walk starts there, travel time to and from the location is not included in the walk time, so your dog may be out of the house for two hours, or on occasions longer depending on where we are going to that day.

Until your dog has built a bond with me, they will always be walked on lead, and only off lead with your permission. Upon return I will towel dry your dog if needed, re-fill your dogs water bowl with fresh, clean water, and if required I will feed your dog a treat or its meal before leaving your dog to have a good snooze to restore the energy they will have burnt off on their walk!

What if my dog doesn’t like or doesn’t get along with other dogs?

If your dog prefers its own company, we would recommend the Solo walk service. Our group walks are for dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs, and we only take sociable, friendly dogs out on group walks.

How do you select who my dog walks with?

Group walks are great for socialisation. We only accept friendly dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs on our group walks.

What if my dog is not ‘well trained’?

Please do not worry about any bad habits you think your dog may have, for example, pulling on the lead or a poor recall. I will work with you on any basic obedience or training that may be required. I never let a dog off lead until it has built up a bond with me and we will always ask your permission before doing so.

What is involved in a Cat visit?

Cat Visits are a great alternative to putting your cat in a cattery when you go away. Cats are highly territorial and often do not appreciate a change of scenery, which can be very stressful for them. Your cat can stay in the comfort of its own home, with all the familiar sights and sounds he/she is accustomed to. I would visit your cat either once or twice per day, and Cat visits are 20 minutes long.

I am a cat owner myself to my two 9 year old cats, Alfie (ginger Tom) and Beulah (black Queen), so I am experienced in caring for cats. As part of my visit I would feed your cat, change its water to ensure it is clean and fresh, change its cat litter, and then of course spend some time giving your cat some much needed attention. (If your cat is on medication this is not an issue, I can administer the medication as per your instructions)

Can I leave my cat flap open when I go away?

If you would like your cat to have access to the outside while you are away then that’s perfectly fine with me, but this could mean that your cat may not be at home when I come to visit.

What if my cat is ill or goes missing while I am away?

If your cat becomes ill while you away I will ensure it receives veterinary attention immediately, either from your vets, or an alternative vets if your practice is not available. I will also inform you of the situation. Any vet bills are payable by the owner.

If you have chosen to allow your cat access to the outdoors while you are away and they go missing, I will alert the local animal shelters immediately, I will also ask your neighbours to keep an eye out for your cat, and will of course inform you as well. I will continue to visit your home as agreed, just in case your cat returns home.

Do you accept cats on medication?

Yes , I am happy to visit cats on medication, and will administer their medication as per your instructions.

What is involved in a puppy visit?

Bringing a new puppy into your home is a very exciting time, but it can be a very demanding time, as your new arrival will need lots of care and attention. This is where I can help. If you are away all day at work and cannot get home to check on your new puppy we can visit your new arrival either once or twice per day, to clean up any little accidents, and provide them with the attention and stimulation they need in your absence.

We can let your puppy outside in the garden if you are house training them, perhaps take them for a short walk if they have been vaccinated and get them used to their collar and lead, or just provide some play time for them. Puppies can gradually join our group walks if required.

What if my dog or cat is older/recovering from an operation/has a disability and just needs some company (or a toilet break) during the day?

If your pet does not require a group or solo walk, but would like to see a friendly face during the day while you are at work/away, then our Pet visits could fit the bill. It could be that your pet is recovering from an operation, or injury, or just can’t get around as well as they used to, You can decide what this visit entails.

I could let your dog out into the garden for a toilet break, or take them for a very short 10 minute stroll before returning home to give them cuddles and attention.

Or if it is your cat that we are visiting, we can provide some company and cuddles for them too.

How do I book or get more information about one of the services listed on your website?

Frequently Asked Questions

To book or get more information about one or more of the services offered by Furever Friends Pet Care, simply complete the contact form or give us a call. Our contact details can be found at the top of this page.